This is a copy of the message from John Brett, Communications Director of FCCPS, to all of the staff on behalf of interim superintendent Dr. Schiller.   Dear Colleagues, As it has been a week since we first reached out to you regarding the arrest of Jose Estrada, we want to provide you an update based on the questions we’ve received from our community and the media. On January 17th, in accordance with state law, Falls Church City Public Schools contacted Falls Church City Police and Protective Services immediately after receiving an allegation of inappropriate conduct by a teacher to a student. The teacher was immediatelyRead More →

The community needs to be aware of the on-going struggle between City Hall and our local cable channel, FCC-TV. Our local cable channel has three “equal” partners: the schools, the city and the citizen-based community. The community is represented by the Falls Church Cable Access Board (FCCAC) composed of seven unpaid volunteers. However, over the past two years, the City Government through the office of the City Manager has sought to repossess all the citizen purchased equipment at the FCC-TV station, confiscate all FCCAC monies in their bank accounts, control all programming at the FCC-TV station and replace the Board with more compliant Board members. Censorship is alive andRead More →

In an email exchange with Alison Kutchma, the interim Superintendent, Dr. Schiller, provided some insight into the 1) benefits of having a program oriented budget, 2) the value of educational program analysis/audits, and 3) the importance of strategic plans. Please comment – we like to hear your opinions. From Dr. Schiller on January 12, 2017 via email:  Yes, a program-oriented budget with its concurrent cost/benefits analysis is crucial as it offers the clear understanding of mandates and FCCPS program policy decisions as well as costs to allow for informed decision-making.).  Many excellent consulting companies do educational program analysis and audits nationwide. Such an analysis takes timeRead More →

Editors note:  This is in reply to Mr. Block ‘s Guest Commentary in the Falls Church News Press titled, F.C., Please Don’t Shortchange Our Children Mr. Block states:  “In addition, based on projections from the Weldon-Cooper Firm, our student population will almost double by 2032. This will put our average growth over the next 15 years at about 5 percent per year.” Mr. Block – Weldon-Cooper enrollment estimates for FCCPS, updated on the school division web site on October 19, 2016, disagree with the data described in your commentary. Below is a screen shot of the FCCPS data, as of 12/9/2016, showing the average enrollmentRead More →