1. I’m already WAY over $10,000 and this will make it even worse.

    1. We are also way over $10,000. Does the city or schools ever announce places where they can legitimately cut expenses?

  2. Cut expenses? I would like to see that list, too.

    1. Dale, they say they “tighten their belts” every year, but have yet to see a list of where they cut expenses. It appears they just ask for more money then “cut expenses” by taking less. Not really cutting expenses in my book.

  3. The just-released GOP House tax plan also includes a proposal that would end the tax deduction for medical expenses. If you and your family pay a lot for your own or a loved one’s medical care—or might face big medical expenses in the future—you could be affected.

    You don’t have to be ill to have high medical costs. Pricey premiums for long-term-care insurance, currently deductible, no longer will be under the new tax proposal. And if you have a steep health insurance deductible, you’d no longer have the benefit of writing off that substantial cost, either.

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