1. Ira, thank you once again for pointing to the obvious. This was really what the big fight was about last election cycle. Our so-called “oversight” systems are inept. And that suits those who hold the purse strings. I don’t know how many times we need to state the facts before anything changes. But we are getting awfully close to a case of full-on corruption and dereliction of duty in our government when it comes to city side/school side loosey-goosey funny-money business.

  2. So we have known about this for four years and the school board has taken no action. It has been my observation over the years that I have lived here, that the school board has policies that they follow only when they choose to do so. On numerous occasions they simply look the other way. Last year they did not even follow their own budget policy.

    I think the failure to address this issue is serious. Coupled with the board’s history of pick and choose what to enforce, I believe the citizens of Falls Church City need to discuss the creation of the ability to recall or remove school board members who fail to do their job as we the citizens see fit.

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