1. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would vote YES?

    So we are little city, correct? 2.2 square miles?

    Who, what and why would anyone wants to cram more people, cars, air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, traffic lights, emergency services snarls and stress out already out dated water-sewage?


  2. From what I gather, the following candidates are saying YES to the referendum so keep that in mind while voting:

    City Council:
    1. Marybeth Connelly
    2. Ross Litkenhous

    School Board
    1. Richard Crespin
    2. Shawna Russell
    3. Lawrence Webb

    Please ask the School Board and Council to provide the data on a cheaper alternative as in this example. THIS is what I expect for a solution. It addresses the overcrowding at a price that can keep the city financially healthy.

    1. I believe City Staff could provide the data you mentioned. So send your inquiry to the City Manager.

      1. Dennis, I have already requested that information. I did so at the public forum on Sunday and again in public comment at the school board meeting on Tuesday. I will share the information that I receive in response to my request.

        For me, I need to see the basis for all these numbers behind the various options. I need to understand how we got there and how the financing would work.

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