1. Bravo! We need more intelligent and forthcoming opinions expressed like this. I suggest this be published in the Falls Church News Press to gain greater exposure, and so residents don’t hear just the spin of that publication. What a breath of fresh air! Kudos to Mr. Reitinger and Ms. Gill. I would like to see more pressure on full disclosure of information on the mis-managed Mount Daniel project that is costing taxpayers considerable money and wasted debt service with nothing to show for it. Keep pushing back against the establishment to gain greater support. A new high school was first going to cost a huge sum of $100 million, then $110 million, and now a whopping $122 million and counting. This is not affordable anytime soon. This project needs to be scaled back as suggested so that we live within our means, with a detailed and realistic financing plan provided to taxpayers.

  2. It’s pretty clear that our new school board members put in the time to be fully informed. They ask thoughtful questions evidence of having done their homework before meetings. What assets for our community. I hope we can successfully put the breaks on this project and quickly turn to a path that gives us more control over the outcome. It’s our land; our kids; our money.

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