1. It was with some interest I recently read in FCNP that the so-called city “Visioining” meeting that was held deep into the summer (when everyone is gone, of course) yielded results I heretofore have only dreamed of. Apparently the values we cherish in the little city most appear to be 1) “Quality of Life”, and 2) I forget what was second, to be honest, but third on the list, to my great surprise was “Education”.

    And here was Nicholas Benton lecturing us about that fact, and chiding us because Education is NOT our top value any longer. How dare he!!!

    First, NO WONDER! Thanks especially to Alison’s tireless efforts, Toni is gone, baby, gone. And good riddance to her, I say! She has to be the single foremost reason why education is no longer at the top of our priorities. That and the taxes racked up on our backs by her, school board, and council.

    Nick has no children in the system. He is a sycophantic pariah, a creature of our government who says what ever officials want him to, though he does not even live here. So what’s it to him whatever we state we value? He can just stay the hell out of it!

    The answer to your questions is “NO”. No we can not plan reasonable growth without sacrificing the environment, social justice, and community culture in urban areas. No we can NOT have truly affordable housing and progressive urban design. And YES indeed, “we must safeguard the rights of vulnerable citizens and weigh environmental impacts if we are to call this planning process just or smart”. In asking myself what is smart, the only answer I can offer is that it is smart for developers only, and their quid pro officials who keep stuffing it down our throats while we choke and they say ‘hold your nose, it”l be good for you”. Yes indeedy, smart for whom?!

  2. This article brings to light the true end result when developers and government work together; they fail to protect our community from retail and luxury apartment sprawl. Falls Church City continues to push for more development without in depth review of the current development and the impact to our little city.

    “Smart” growth is the city relaxing their zoning standards for the benefit of developers. The people living around these multi-use developments have to now look at corporate franchises, increased congestion, decreased uniqueness, increased environmental impact (light, air, noise pollution) and decreased quality of life. I have to agree with this article and other comments – Smart for whom? Wish I were a developer to take advantage of this situation.

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