Sprawling Sexting Probe at MEH


  1. FCCPS should have told the community via FCCPS communications so we did not have to read it first in the Post.

  2. It’s sad that social media has now made it possible to have permanent records of kids doing stupid things. I know the kids have training on what not to do on social media, but they do it anyway.

    I have to agree with Lynn that the superintendent should have addressed this before the newspaper published the story. Why didn’t they?

  3. Where’s the transparency? These are public servants and it appears they are always hiding information. I know it is bad news, but it is also is data to improve and use it as a teaching moment. Instead of telling us what happened, they keep it secret until it comes out in the news. Why FCCPS?

    1. Hi J. Souder,

      When my child was in high school, he had items stolen. A police report was completed and we learned that items were frequently stolen. No reports are ever published in the crime reports when it comes to the schools. There were never any announcements reminding kids or parents that thefts occur at the schools and to be vigilant.

      I believe they don’t want negative publicity because it would reflect badly upon the schools.

      Actually, it’s the opposite. Be transparent. Parents will understand and teach their kids.

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