1. I agree with the letter published by VPIS. The planned hotel is necessary in order to provide much needed revenue to the city. The special exemption should be revoked and the developers can build all commercial by-right. This may bring revenue to the city – something we need – not more people.

  2. I also agree. It’s been 16 months since approval was first given to this project. At that council meeting, Mill Creek clearly stated they knew the signed contract for the hotel (112 – 145 room) was required for final approval. So, as they have no hotel, final approval should be denied.

  3. NOTE: The developer has cancelled their presentation this evening.

  4. Hotels and other commercial provide more revenue then apartments and puts less stress on our infrastructure.

    Consider this for Real Estate revenues:

    Tinner Hill only pays $986,443
    Northgate only pays $616,141
    West Broad only pays $1,207,601

    Consider the costs of the expansion of our schools (MT. D, TJ, MEH, GMHS), the operating costs including additional teachers, custodial, staff, energy, buses, etc.), City Hall, Library updates, roads and other infrastructure and it is obvious that the revenues hardly provide any offset to expenditures.

  5. Yup. But apartments make more money for the developers. And that is what has always mattered to our City “leaders.”

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