1. Finally we have a choice between these 3 outstanding candidates and the other more of the same candidates, two of which are incumbents and all of which are pledged to continue the same mismanagement and favoritism for schools, unreasonably high taxes and neglect of the rest of the city. I hope it is not too late to fix the mess that school system management and administration has become.

  2. It’s the political season in Fall Church and once again, as predictable as sunrise and sunset, a dishonest dimwit (or several) is stealing candidate campaign signs from our yards. This week someone stole Mark Kaye and Alison Kutchma signs from our yard. I note that campaign signs for Duncan, Tartar, Hardi and Gill remain in place, unstolen, on our street. Without accusing any candidate of complicity in the thefts, I remind all candidates to urge their supporters to refrain from stealing campaign signs. Stealing these signs can only be intended to stifle political debate. It dishonors these common thieves; it dishonors the candidates they presume to support by their illegal activity.

  3. @Linda, What happened to civility and honesty within our little city? It’s disappointing that eliminating signs is someone’s idea of eliminating an opposing candidate.

    1. Indeed, and eliminating the voice of their fellow citizens, merely for the fact of their having a different opinion.

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