1. One thing that no one is talking about is how the new development will effect the size of the GMHS Campus. I have seen initial proposals that more than cut the property in half– filling spaces with apartments and stores. Will these bring money to the city? Probably. But at what cost?

    The GM campus is currently large, has room for the school to grow and expand, and if that space is given up, there will be a point where the school will no longer be able to expand.

    With all the controversy regarding Mr. Daniel/traffic/etc., maybe a new Elementary school could be build on the property, and GMHS renovated. George Marshall, just down the road did a really nice job of renovating their school.

    I just hope whatever ends up happening does not make the site become like a High School in the middle of the Mosaic District in Merrifield— GMHS will lose something that makes it unique and special.

  2. Dear Concerned Citizen, I echo your concern about the acres on the West side/current location of GMHS and MEH. The current campus is very open with lots of field space. I have the same visual – our school campus will look like Merrifield. Additionally, the increased amount of residential units coming onboard will make the schools larger; the one reason I did not choose McLean or Yorktown. All things equal, if the schools become the same size as McLean or Yorktown, I think FCC is less desirable: same school size, same quality of school, less real estate taxes, more housing choices.

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