1. A little late! Many of us have been telling the city that this model is deficient. Instead, they continued to put out presentations and flyers indicating that all the mixed use development were net positive revenue even though no capital costs were taken into consideration. I am glad that they are revamping the model; it will better assess the impact to our city so we can make better decision. I agree, Vote No on Mason Row until we have better data. Vote Yes for Kaye, Kutchma, Smerdon, Barry and Mabry.

  2. Hey you Mason Row (in its current design) opponents (like me)….don’t fall asleep as the election nears. Even if the Planning Commission votes NO, the City Council can still vote YES with a super majority vote (5 -2). Start counting heads. I count at least 3 solid votes in favor. You are losing Barouck who is a NO vote. That is unfortunate. But If you vote for Ms. Hardi that is a YES vote for Mason Row, because she is line with Mr. Duncan who is a YES vote. I am not voting for Ms. Hardi because I think she represents more of the same. You would think Snyder will stay a NO vote but he is wishy-washy on so many things so you never know how he is going to vote in the end. Tarter has been a NO vote so hopefully he remains a NO vote. Again, put the pressure on both the Planning Commission and City Council. I have written a letter in opposition to the Planning Commission which I plan to also send to the City Council.

    1. @Dale Walton, thank you for sending your letters! I have sent letters also and many go unanswered by our City Council. That is unfortunate that they don’t have the courtesy to respond to a citizen. Anyway, I think Marybeth Connolly will be the swing vote. She needs to be convinced that there are many that do not think Mason Row is appropriate. I hope she hears us. The commission seems to be leading towards a “yes”, but this would be appropriate because Bob Young is a developer and has conflict of interest. Don’t know all the players so maybe that will change also. It’s hard to stay on top of everything that is going on in this city……mostly bad. VOTE for those that say no to development because we need to figure out the fiscal impact.

  3. I hope that every voter in this city will read the analyses in The Falls Church Post by John Leimone and Ira Kaylin of Mason Row and the inadequacies of the city’s fiscal model on which approval of MUD monstrosities have been approved and are awaiting approval. We are asked to vote either for more monstrosities or a careful, experience based reevaluation of the zoning code/special exception ordinance and the real costs and effects of the developments currently under construction. Their writings provide a great deal of useful information.

    1. The Leimone and Kaylin discussions I’m referring to are in the comments in FCNP. There is, as always, lots of helpful info in the Post, as well.

  4. Tonight is the Planning Commission’s Public Hearing for Mason Row. Please attend the meeting and voice your concerns about this project and the impact it will have on the city. Also, mark your calendars for the December 14 City Council meeting – that is when they are hosting a Public Hearing and are expected to vote for or against moving it forward.
    I’ll have the No 85 feet buttons available tonight outside of the Council Chambers.
    @Dale Walton – if the cannot get a super majority to vote yes, what happens? Can the developer start the process all over again?

  5. @Lyn-
    Bob Young is not on the Planning Commission, but is a member of the Economic Development Authority. I, too, believe that is a conflict of interest as he has developed properties in the City. He did provide a Yes vote at the Economic Development Authority meeting last week. They passed a recommendation to approve by a vote of 4 – 1, with a member abstaining and another member absent.
    According to the City’s web site, Planning Commission members are:
    Ruth Rodgers, Chair
    J. Robert Meeks, Vice Chair
    Kwafo Djan
    Lindy Hockenberry
    Andrew Rankin
    Melissa Teates
    Russell Wodiska
    I believe two are opposed but cannot get a feel for how the other five might vote.

    1. Thank you for the correction and for providing the links to important meetings for Mason Row.

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