1. Voice your concern that this ordinance will not improve public safety.

    1) Draft an email to CityClerk@fallschurchva.gov with your comments, but do not send yet.

    2) Watch the meeting starting at 7:30pm tonight, 8/10/2020. . A link to the stream will be available here: http://www.fallschurchva.gov/CouncilMeetings and as soon as the Mayor calls for public comments, send your email to Celeste at cityclerk@fallschurchva.gov. Emails received during the public comment period for this agenda item will be read out loud at the meeting.

    Of course you can still email the council members, the city clerk and the Falls Church City Police Chief Mary Gavin with your views before the meeting. However, those emails will only be summarized but they will be counted. However if you want to participate in the so-called “Public Comment” being offered by the Falls Church City Council you will have to follow the directions above. More information can be found here. http://www.fallschurchva.gov/PublicComment

    Writers are encouraged to communicate respectfully. Inappropriate comments or personal attacks are not helpful and will be used to characterize all those who support the individual liberties protected by the second amendment. Please do not stoop to the level of those on the other side of this issue.

    The meeting can also be viewed on FCCTV which is available on Cox channel 11, RCN channel 2 and Verizon channel 35.

  2. I think I smell a lawsuit brewing against Falls Church City if this passes. I think recalling the City Council members for dereliction of duty is also a good idea.

    Sell your houses because they will need tax payer dollars for their defense. There are plenty of organizations that will help the people against this ordinance win their case. City Council is really making a mistake, especially since it won’t impact the wellbeing of the city.

  3. We are all equal under the rule of law, except some people – like Letty’s Judge friend – are more equal than others. Well, I guess it is good that Letty understands that even though we have a safe city and a very good police force, there are times that a person – like her friend the federal judge – may want to be able to protect herself while walking in a park. How about the single mom or senior citizen who is not so distinguished in the eyes of Letty? Why can’t she protect herself when she is walking in the park?

    1. The elites can make up their own rules. Elitists say they are for the little guy but in realty they make decisions that will hurt the common person. They forget about equality conveniently. The city needs to vote no on this worthless ordinance. The only people it will hurt is the lawful citizen.

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