1. As recently shared re: Trump’s skinny budget: Where we put our money speaks to our values. FCCPS’ budget does not reflect value for our more vulnerable students. At a time when our state chiefs are reconfirming their commitment to equity, our little city continues to put money behind a laptop for every kid and our highest performing kids.

  2. The interim Superintendent responded to my email and he is encouraging the board to do an assessment of the programs. I find that encouraging and I am certainly appreciative of his leadership. I did respond with the suggestion that the board consider a budget task force similar to Arlington County’s Budget Advisory Council. I think there certainly are a number of citizens who would and could step forward to help take a deep dive into the budget and program costs. I think the school board just has an incredible amount of work on their plate and it would be a way to spread some of the effort around. The meeting ran long last night and there is no end in sight for them considering the work they face. I hope they seriously consider the idea.

  3. I am disgusted by these figures and thankful I made the decision to pull my children and put them in private. Which was a serious eye opening experience by the shocking upward shift in the quality of curriculum. For an “elite” school system – it seems that outside of those classes outlined in the article for the IB Bourgeoisie- the rest is sub-par. Probably fairing behind our neighboring public
    public districts. For the tax rate we dish out, this is criminal. The whole system needs an overhaul. Getting rid of Jones was a small start. The rest of the dead weight needs to go. Dr. Schiller – please find the gross mismanagement, incompetence and negligence by the district officials before you go. You would be an even bigger town hero than you already are.

  4. I was happy to hear the School Board approved a Special Education audit but this article brings me to a conclusion that an entire FCCPS audit is necessary. Each year there is a budget crunch and I do not see 1) a committee looking into ways to find savings and efficiencies and 2) external audit analysis to determine if we are using our money in the best manner.

    Additionally, I see people ask for audits and request for transparent budget discussions and analysis but it is never done. Why is that? The interim superintendent agreed that a school audit is beneficial yet the School Board continues to rubber stamp budgets without in depth analysis. Too bad the interim superintendent isn’t staying around – he seems to have some good ideas on how to make this school system better.

    Improvement will be slow to come if the School Board insists on doing business as usual by rubber stamping budgets without analyzing the budget for efficiency.

    I thought the new people on the Board would have some impact, but it’s status quo for yet another year. Sad news for the schools, for the students and for the taxpayers.

  5. Under the leadership of interim Superintendent Robert Schiller, my questions were no longer ignored and deflected. During a meeting with GMHS Principal Matt Hills, Dr. Schiller and a parent of an IB student had a very thoughtful discussion about teacher resource allocation. Matt Hills made a presentation to the school board on May 2nd concerning his findings about IB class enrollment. The link to the meeting is here and the presentation begins at 7:02


    This kind of transparency is certainly encouraging!

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