1. FCCPS should carefully evaluate this data and the costs associated with offering a program that has little interest. The data presented by VDOE indicates that IB and AP are on a serious decline. It appears that our students are wiser than the administration: they are choosing Dual Enrollment because they receive college credit without the additional time and expense of IB and AP exams that they may or may not pass.

    My kids did IB and many of the IB courses did not transfer as college credits. Almost all Dual Enrollment courses will successfully transfer to a VA state school as legitimate college credit so the college student can either a) shorten their length of study in college or b) have extra time to party while taking a lighter course load.

    This new data should be the number one discussion item within FCCPS and we need the School Board to address the funds going towards all these advance programs and direct funds to those programs that are performing and remove those programs that are obviously lacking sustainability. School Board? Please respond.

  2. Doesn’t GMHS provide the data to VDOE? The VDOE data is different then the information on GMHS website for 2017 that says 31% of students in the IB Programme (see below). The * did not appear to have a definition on the web page:

    Currently at George Mason High School:

    * 87% of George Mason juniors and seniors participate in the IBDP.

    27% of students in the Class of 2015 received the IB Diploma – a 92% success rate.

    28% of students in the Class of 2016 are currently pursuing the full IB Diploma.

    31% of students in the Class of 2017 are currently pursuing the full IB Diploma.

    As our program continues to expand and serve more students we continue to achieve excellence.

  3. Lyn:

    It is my understanding that any student that is enrolled in even one IB course is considered to be a student “participating in the IB Diploma Program” for counting purposes. There is data available that show, each year number of students who are enrolled in what number of !B courses. I have seen some of the data in a slide presentation but I have not seen that information on the website.

    1. Thanks Alison. For the class of 2017, VDOE states only 4.33% are pursuing the IB diploma. The GMHS website for the IB program states 31% are pursuing the IB diploma. This is a huge discrepancy. @PeterNoonan and @FCCPS need to address the data.

  4. Didn’t they just start the Primary Years Program and Middle Years Program? If the IB program is no longer strong, shouldn’t we rethink these programs?

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