1. Can the school or the committee let us know what has changed from the original requirements? Is there a place where that information is stored?

    1. George, that is a great question! I have been trying to piece that information together especially with regard to the Performing Arts part of the high school and it is not easy to follow. I hear that changes are being made but it is hard to follow it via documents. If you check out the timeline attached to my article, posted yesterday, there is some information there (but it is still confusing!)

      1. I’m not sure I can follow the changes. It would be nice to have a document that states the orginal spec, and what changed and if it is any cost savings or cost escalation to us.

        I really don’t like the fact that all the green space must be built on to afford the school.

  2. In addition to requirements, folks should be very
    interested in what, if anything, has changed in terms of cost and financing….and is there anything under discussion that is causing the overall cost to rise, or ideally decline, or adding new requirements that will increase total cost, over and beyond the budgeted cost that was promised to taxpayers,

    1. Dale, I haven’t seen that kind of information either but my guess is we are not looking at any significant reduction in cost as being an objective. Take a look at this Virtual Tour of the new school. The open spaces and all that glass are not for an economy school. I hope this link works for you,
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhE1rpmbJWI&t=417s Check it out. It’s cool!

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