1. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it would have more pop if the concerned citizens were listed where is says they are

  2. Where are the signaturez? A letter from concerned people should list the names. Transparency is important.

    Some of these issues are fluff in my opinion. Example: size the grocery. I am sure Whole Foods has its criteria.

    1. Charles, I see what you are saying and perhaps Whole Foods has their criteria but the point I believe this group is trying to make is that we already have a number of grocery store choices and so do we need a store of this size so close to Harris Teeter for example? My concern is if they come in and taxes paid are based on revenue and they don’t do well (because there are so many choices) where does that leave us in terms of tax revenue we planned on having? And does this new store impact revenue of the stores to which we are already committed? I don’t know the answer…just asking/wondering.

      1. Whole Foods will do fine…they have likely run the best and worst case scenarios. I say bring it…grocery stores are a boon for revenues.

      2. Whole Foods offers many more choices of healthier food compared to other groceries such as Harris Teeter. It will be great to have these choices within walking distance. In general, the project will increase the walkability and pedestrian friendliness of the neighborhood.

        1. I agree. And given the wealth hete the store is easily supported. Now if we can Trader Joes to move from Pimmit Hills area to here!

  3. Dennis, Charles and all,

    Yes, transparency is indeed important and it is a fine point. 🙂 Here are the list of names that signed on to the original letter that was sent to the council. It is my understanding that more are being collected.

    I am appreciative of this group of mostly Lawton street residents that have take the time to dive into the detail and ask good questions.

    Mary Chaves
    Darren and Susan Robertson
    Eric and Klaudia Schultz
    Tom and Diane Duggan
    Steve and Kim Deering
    Kim Trundle
    Moffett Roller
    Scott and Julie Budine
    Genevieve Oudar, Rick Ziegler
    Leslie Rye and John Coleman
    Linda Kamel
    Mary Burke and Patrick Kennedy
    Dave Hagigh, Ellen McRae
    Gail Lanouette
    Sandra Tarpinian

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