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  1. I continue to be told single family homes are the biggest contributors to the school system and the MUDs will not have that great an impact. I can’t accept that without seeing the numbers.
    In Falls Church, how many-
    single family homes?
    town homes?
    apartments (counting only those in existing, to include recently built, developments)?
    How many children are in the school system?
    How many live in apartments?

    With those numbers, one could probably work out the total number of children in single family homes/townhomes/condos, and come up with a formula similar to the one the city is using for residential units in the MUDs. It would be nice to see how the numbers compare. Then, I could put the information in my next comments to the Planning Commission and City Council in regards to Mason Row, and point out few to no new single family or town homes are being built in the City.
    Can anyone tell me how I might find the information?

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