1. Thank you, Dr. Cottrell. Once more we must wonder what is going on in our fair City! Why on Earth would the same group of people who in April led a Pinwheel Event to support Child Abuse Prevention month then turn around and Vote For Ms. Roth to lead in an Advisory Board position? She not only wrote a letter supporting the pedophile but we saw her walking him around Cherry Hill Park within yards of children when he was released from jail on a technicality before being convicted and placing a Hit on these girls! We are really beginning to wonder who is behind the power of our City Council! Stop the Madness!

    1. Dear Mike and June—

      What would you do if you suddenly found out our own son was convicted of the same charges? Disown him? Abandon all the things he has done in the past as a person?

      I don’t think so. What he did was not right. I am not in disagreement with you on that. But I do think you need a change of perspective. Your son suddenly becomes a convicted for the same charges…then what……


      1. HMM:

        Can you elaborate? I am trying to understand. Of course love and support for a son is without end so you of course support your son. I totally follow you there. But Debra Roth, I do not believe is Michael’s Garner’s mother so I honestly have lost you.

        1. I am not at all defending the crime. I leave that to our justice system.

          However, Just wondering why people are incapable of seeing the other side. What if your son, or brother, or sister did something like this? Would you disown them? Would you look for some sort of healing? Maybe people are worse than I think.

          There is so much hate directed towards anyone who feels empathy. Reading some of the comments make me disappointed to be a part of the human race.

          It does not matter who it is. What matters is who you are.

          1. Empathy for a man who raped a child? Nope, none whatsoever. There’s grey and then there is black and white. If this is a grey issue, then I worry about you.

  2. Nice rehash of your previous articles! At least this one sort of makes sense – not like the incoherent 3-part series also posted here …

    1. A number of us have committed to calling out leadership when they put adults before children. This is yet another example of our city leaders doing so. They had an opportunity to take a stand and make it clear that our children come first and they chose not to do so. I’m not sure what your point is, Charlie. But you might as well keep that ‘rehash’ line in your back pocket bc we are not goi g to stop calling out this behavior and working to educate the community about this issue.

    2. …”charlie”, we had no idea you have such literary prowess as to cast judgement on another’s literary capabilities…in reality the only thing you seem capable of writing are remarks that demonstrate your empathy deficit. What an intellect. And community resource. And jackass.

  3. The appointment of Ms Roth to – of all things – a human services advisory is a disgrace. I can only assume Hmm either is incapable of distinguishing right from wrong or else is an unthinking, unquestioning, immoral Gardner shill. There is an obvious and critical difference between continuing to love one’s offspring even in spite of their criminality and advocating so lovingly for the return of an unrepentent child molester to a community full of vulnerable children, as Ms Roth did. Nothing Michael Gardner ever did for this city – and he did little if anything of constructive communitarian value – could possibly outweigh his heinous crimes. To even suggest otherwise is quite simply reprehensible. To my knowledge Ms Roth is not a Gardner family membershe has been and inexplicably remains a crony, friend and cheerleader for a child abusing creep. This, of course, is her choice; but it renders her unfit for any appointive position of representation or trust. The people who appointed her should be ashamed, and further ashamed for their own lack of shame. The appointmdnt should be rescinded – else what unthinkable message about our city government does the tolerance of her continued presence send our community’s children.

    And by the way, I and others found Dr Ramsey’s 3-part article well-researched, skillfully written, thoughtful and informative. If you want to see an example of incomprehdnsible, unhinged drivel, take a look in the NP at Ms Roth’s recent guest editorial “reflecting” on the appointment she never should have received in the first instance.

  4. My beautiful 9 year old daughter was molested by a pedophile. There were many in the community who supported him. If they had gotten their way he would still be free living in his home, molesting little girls whenever he got the urge. So when asked the question do I feel Ms Roth who supported Michael Gardner and wrote letters to the judge should have been appointed an Advisory Board position, my answer is not only a resounding No but have you completely lost your minds. Since when is it ok to put ones friendship above that of the lives of innocent little girls, which is exactly what Ms Roth and many others did, and if you do this without regard for the potential consequences what other very poor choices are you likely to make. Ms Roth should either withdraw or be removed from the Advisory position immediately. This is not about forgiveness, this is about common sense!

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