1. Using the UVA/VaTech center for classrooms wasn’t one of the 13 options. Why or why not?

  2. this is a viable solution especially for the next 4-5 years. And, things like a need for SOL testing, potentially putting the Art rooms or the Hybrid=C room in that building makes a lot of sense. More light and more space . I’m sure there are other ideas as well. It’s about getting creative with current options.

    1. Did they look at using the UVA / VA Tech center or not? I would think we could negotiate a deal with them since they are only paying $1 per year.

  3. Not pretty or new enough for many. They want shiny with unaffordable components and a robust cost that they can talk about and show off. It is Many don’t care about or understand the risk or magnitude of $120 million. The criticism and skepticism and frustration expressed by many is justified.

    1. It’s too bad that the School Board didn’t look at cheaper alternatives. I think more people would be inclined to support a referendum that was had a more reasonable price and less risk.

      Do the people that think this is a good idea live with such financial risk in their own budget? That’s what I don’t understand. I know many that are voting YES and the live in modest houses, have modest incomes and they watch their pennies wisely and make financial decisions that are realistic. Why they don’t see $120 Million as risky and too much, is beyond my comprehension. Maybe they have a different value system when it is other people’s money.

      1. Sally- The people that think this is a good idea don’t think that they will actually have to hang around to pay for it. I think they probably view the resulting tax bills as a temporary premium worth paying in order to get their kids into a boutique school system. Once the kids are out of school, they plan to cash out to somewhere less expensive. That’s pretty much the kind of place Falls Church has turned into. Part of it is the transiency of the area in general, but I think this mentality has become common.

        1. A lot of people, including me, agree with you. Move here and then leave when you are through with the school system. Rather transient. Tough to remain here and pay the high taxes. Much more of a school district than a city in many ways.

        2. I think you are right, Sal. What they don’t understand is that people who don’t have kids in the school subsidize the school system. If we drive those taxpayers out because we raise the tax rate too high, there are more takers than givers. More importantly, it changes the demographics so we become a town for schools and nothing else. That is not Falls Church or a community if that happens.

  4. “students living in the hotel”? Since when do students live in hotels?

    1. The school data on where students reside list the Marriott and other hotels. I will try to find the link.

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