1. Yep, a done deal and one I still do not agree with as it is too tall on West Street and will bring so much more congestion to West Broad Street. We can only hope the City’s financial model is correct and it will produce the revenue projected and not have more than 64 students.
    I hope everyone looks at the documents on the City’s projects web site and comments to the Planning Commission on the art for the exterior of the building, the logo tower, and the lack of green space before the Commission votes on the site plan on September 4.

  2. Yea I am so glad to have recently sold my home and moved from the adjacent area. If you think I trusted this group to do the right thing in the best interest of the neighbors, think again. This group is just waking up to need for more attention to parking problems in the city. This is going to be a mess during construction and afterward. I feel bad for the folks who live in the surrounding area who will have to deal with this misfit of a project.

    1. I wish we had been that smart, but retirement is three years away and I only want to move one time in the next 5 – 8 years.

      1. Unfortunately, some are going to be stuck. Values could at least temporarily decline, and it will take longer in many instances to sell a home at least during a lengthy construction period. I lived on S. West Street and my agent said my value was less given how busy West Street CURRENTLY is. The construction is only going to make traffic worse. People will be parking in front of houses, etc. This will continue after the many years of construction. Yes, when construction is complete, it will be nice to walk to some things. But, at least to me the downside outweighed any up side. It is not only going to be West Street. Grove Avenue, Park Avenue, and other streets are going to experience the same thing. I was not about to trust city officials to manage all of this and the impact on the surrounding area. I was willing to move more than once if I have to.

        1. I am so sad that this was approved. Traffic is already horrendous at that intersection. It’s just not safe . They plan to add additional lanes and it will be even more confusing. Add the addition of a larger school at Mt Daniel and the traffic on West will be quite the spectacle. I never saw a traffic study. The bike/pedestrian path in the middle of busy West street is dangerous now and just wait until you add more vehicles!

          I’m really dissapointed in City Council and why they approved it. I heard that they just want to get rid of the “eyesore” strip mall at any costs. In other words, just build something new.

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