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  1. Re: School Board candidate, Alison Kutchma, obtains current cost data for the Mt. Daniel project. Read her press release and watch Alison review the Mt. Daniel costs at the recent School Board meeting.

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up to these officials, even when well bolstered with factual evidence of obsfucation on behalf of our elected officials. The problem with this forum before the council is that it’s one way communication, with officials sitting there with blank stares and poker faces as Ms. Kutchma’s querries ricochet off the walls and bounce around the room, forming a huge dead elephant that sits on top of the officials in the room.

    More and more, it appears there may well be a kind of pay to play scheme going on in parts of our entrenched city government, spanning from a collaborating school board, some city council officials (like Mr. Duncan and Mr. Sze, and Mayor Tarter, for example), the city CEO, CFO and zoning and planning departments and development boards and committees , Falls Church News Press, and city developers. Evidence of such is mounting. Kickbacks of various sorts may well see the light of day, so blatant are these alleged activities.

    In the meantime, free speech, by way of a short circuited feedback loop allows officials to not respond in real time and on the spot for the many discrepancies that dog them, thanks to the hard work of Ms. Kutchma and others. Something is just so systmically wrong, and finding all the connections is really time consuming and tedious work. I am ever grateful to all of those citizens who are trying so hard to sponsor an honest and transparent two-way discussion (the Citzens for a Better City unfortunately appear to be entrenched as well, since they have requested no FOIAs that I am aware of). We must, as a society, not collude with the “Falls Church Way”, and demand far more accountability from those who occupy positions of power and influence in this tiny, nepotistic city.

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