1. I am not a fan of community breakout sessions on such projects. Most of these people have wish lists and really are ignirant of the facets of such a public project. What is better is things be solicited in writing to the project manager and then they are listed in categories and a decision is made to act on them or not. Time is wasted with this approach and generally nothing comes from it.

    1. Charles, great suggestion and I agree that break out sessions may limit the right type of discussion because it is not a top down approach to the whole project. Who is the Project Manager on this project anyway? The Superintendent?

  2. Those that will have kids using the high school should be warned that parking is insufficient today and will be more so in the future. Recommend that you ask the school for more parking – not at metro or VA Tech, but on site. Getting in and out of the campus is very difficult and takes a long time with all the traffic so sufficient parking, better traffic patterns and staggered times are necessary to mitigate the traffic mess at peak times.

    Additionally, I think it is wishful thinking that high school kids will ride their bike, especially at night like after practices or for night activities. As much as we want to be green, there are safety and practical reasons to be in a car.

  3. I think someone has to remind @Peternoonan that the PPEA process used for previous projects were not all on time and within budget. Start listening at 4:35 on the video link. What is @FCCPS doing to make this project better run?

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