1. Finally someone has proposed a solution that will address the racial issue instead of signage, name changes and other virtue signalling. I support this effort.

    1. Hahah how many people put up signs then voted not to change the name? This town and its people are amazing.

      1. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hypocritical behavior in this little city. The title of this article sums it up accurately: put your money where your signal is Falls Church City!

        This is an opportunity to do real good – provide scholarships to students that don’t have access to award winning schools. We have the money, we have the capacity. Falls Church needs to act. Now.

        Look at the data for low performing schools – some children do not pass math or english proficiency and this is a travesty. We can help those children. Where is our leadership?

        Why don’t they want to do this? We all know why.

  2. This needs to be sent to the falls church city school board. An exchange program is a good way to help students from both the host school and the exchange school. My child did a foreign exchange program and he learned so much about the other culture, the different economic environment and even unique teaching experiences.

  3. I think a high school “scholarship” program for minorities is a good idea for a number of reasons.

    1. We already have this program set-up. Now, we allow well-to-do, out-of-city folks to buy a seat for their kid on a case by case basis if room is available.

    2. We have a new high school coming on line soon that was built with excess capacity.

    3. We learned a couple of months ago that enrollment next year will be less that planned for and budgeted. so we have even more excess capacity at the high school and a budget windfall.

    4. We can take that “free” money to establish a scholarship program for 10 to 20 high school kids who are at underperforming schools and want the challenge and opportunity of attending our top high school.

  4. Falls Church allows people to buy a seat at our schools? Do they pay 20,000 a seat? How is an underprivileged family expected to afford tuition that high?

    We need school vouchers.

    Falls Church should offer school vouchers to underserved communities. Not just one or two but much more so these children have a group of peers to attend city schools.

    Someone mentioned scholarships on another forum and this would be a great way to implement the program.

  5. Or we could redraw them boundary of our city so that we can integrate schools.

    1. Why don’t we sell our school system to Fairfax like we did the water service?

  6. I love this! So students from Falls Church City would get to exchange at perhaps an inner city high school – or exchange in a developing country? I learned a lot from living in developing countries, namely how lucky we are. It’s not perfect here, but we have toilets and the grocery stores have fresh vegetables.

    1. Hi @Olivia,

      I think it would be best to keep the exchange local but I agree that visiting developing countries is wonderful. I like a local exchange:
      1. it’s easier to implement because no foreign travel
      2. it would be cheaper because, again, no visas, travel and other expenses
      3. it would foster a relationship with another local school

      I agree with you; the students will learn so much about how others live and learn. An experience that is priceless. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. Why would the school board do any of this? They want to change the schools name. So they can put up we did something flag/yard sign and go back to their white privileged bubble. Oh they also made their staff read a book over the summer so they can put up a second flag.

    1. Truth! They don’t see what they don’t want to see.
      What book was the staff required to read?

  8. Falls Church City doesn’t promote this idea at all. Why? They don’t want it. Why? We all know why.

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