1. I’ve confirmed with my GMHS graduate that the girls bathroom is deplorable. Not only are there no locks, but many times one or two of the toilets are not functioning. Apparently, this has been an issue for at least a year. It makes me wonder what else is not being maintained, and more importantly, why not?

  2. It is pretty clear that school capacity will have to be expanded in some fashion. However, decisions regarding the size and scope, funding, and construction dates for expansion have yet to be determined. Nothing will happen quickly, and students return to school immediately. It is misfeasance by the Superintendent to permit unsafe and unsanitary, degrading conditions to persist in the meantime. Necessary routine maintenance ought to be a priority of the Superintendent. Why isn’t it? And where is the School Board, why haven’t they held the Superintendent responsible for these conditions? Misfeasance on their part, as well.

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