1. Who are the researchers? I want to know where you can find a place to live for a family of 4 for only $1694 a month. That’s my real estate tax bill ONLY. It doesn’t include my mortgage payment or the money I had to put down on the house.

    You have to make a LOT more money than what they say in order to live in Falls Church City. It is getting increasingly expensive.

  2. I am in complete agreement with the previous comment. $1694 doesn’t touch living here. Maybe that $103000 number is AFTER all taxes? definitely not a gross income.

  3. Most of the 2 bedroom apartments in the area rent for about $2600 and renting a house would be even more expensive. The researchers are wrong on housing expenses. I would say that they are also wrong on food and even taxes based upon our income.

  4. I wonder what the cost is for two adults as I hear of more and more 55+ having to move out of the city they have lived in most of their lives due to the rising tax rate.

  5. Two adult residents are leaving. It’s sad because we they add so much value to our city, in many ways. Unfortunately, when the city council and school board continue to increase spending, the consequence is higher taxes and people will leave. It’s too bad Falls Church City is no longer inclusive and we are losing a valuable demographic. .

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