1. Good assessment. I wonder if the Vote Yes people even read the concerns though. I doubt it.

  2. The impact to our credit rating was one of my early concerns that I couldn’t resolve enough to jump on the Yes bandwagon. I care so much about our schools and want to see their long term success and financial security. This project funded this way in this order makes me concerned for our ability as a community to fund what happens in the classroom moving forward.

    The other main issue that is the foundation of my concern is that I still see little oversight of the work and spending on the Mt Daniel construction project which is “only” a 15 million dollar project. That contract has become a below the radar vehicle for spending that totals over $560,000 and those amounts and spending decisions are not discussed at board meetings as far as I could see. So why does the board deliberate over small amounts while large sums are spent with little or no discussion? I hope to be a member of the board so I can make suggestions as to how to put in place a process where the board would have the access they need to oversee and supervise a large part of the board’s one employee’s area of responsibility — spending. I understand that Dr. Noonan is new and reacting to what was already in place and I also understand that he is making changes but my recent FOIA request shows me that more change and board level supervision is needed. That is money I would like to see spent on things our teachers need and for things inside the classroom. I had a long talk with a current FCCPS teacher recently and it’s clear I am not the only one with this thinking! I am looking forward to Tuesday!

  3. I will be voting for you Alison.

    1. Thank you so much Charles! I appreciate each and every vote!

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