1. Dr. Ramsey you have written good educational articles about this important subject but it fell on deaf ears. The council appointed Debra Roth to the human services board according to a article she wrote in the News Press. Wasn’t Debra Roth one of the people who wrote to the judge in favor of Michael Gardner even after he was convicted of sex abuse against more than one child and after Robin Gardner helped in his plot to kill a child so she could not be a witness at his appeal. How can the council put her on a committee for human services after that. I guess the council members who also wrote pro Gardner letters about pedophile Gardner do not see anything wrong with this. What kind of person stands up for pedophiles and then writes a public newpaper article about how she wants to help people. A shameless hypocrit is what. What kind of people are running this city.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. It was suggested to me that I should have dumbed the articles down to a high school reading comprehension level or less, that being a reason why almost no comments have been offered. I am very grateful you took the time to read and provide feedback. One other woman also commented. I thank her as well.

      You are quite right about my articles falling on deaf ears. I note Dr. Cotrell’s articles on similar topics have received many comments already, though I have raised most of his excellent points, if not all of them. This is perhaps finally the year of women (if Hillary gets elected), but this community apparently prefers to dignify men who write on this topic, though we are victimized at a higher rate then they are.

      The importance of these issues can not be underestimated, no matter who writes about them. Our officials have repeatedly supported pedophiles while abandoning victims in our city. The Council and School Board are a revolving door for the city’s “nepotistic” political class, who consistently refute we have an un-attended sexual abuse problem in this city that is festering.

      Falls Church City Officials, and Falls Church residents, I have a message for you: rebuke is in order for intentionally or passively allowing the support of pedophiles and/or pornographers who inhabit too many leadership appointments in this city. I hope the day comes soon when the city receives the unwanted attention of investigative reporters it deserves. Maybe then we can finally all come clean.

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