1. I will continue to ask for that cost information plus the data on impact on education outcomes. As a public school I believe it is incumbent on leadership to collect, analyze and share this information with the community. We run a number of programs at the high school such as dual enrollment and AP. I’d like to see the cost information/number of students served and outcomes so we can be sure we are making the best use of our resources in order to build a sound future for our schools and community.

    1. If I recall, you have asked the School Board for the cost of the IB program each year but no one seems to know the answer. Sometimes they provide the IB Program certificate costs but never the entire expenditures which would include training, tests, teachers and other costs to school personnel and logistics such as class room space and scheduling.

      The superintendent has said they have to “tighten their belts” so my question is 1) why hasn’t FCCPS tightened their belt to date and 2) are all these programs the most efficient way to educate our children and are they providing the desired outcomes for the price paid?

  2. … the wheels on the bus go round and round, the budget for the schools goes round and round, the same BS goes round and round … honestly, I can’t wait for the wheels on that Falls Church Falsehoods Bus to finally fall off so I can watch every tone deaf official go flying in every direction … what an idle fantasy! I have zero confidence that anything will ever change in this city. I am in awe of those who keep trying, but I think short of replacing every official in this quid pro po city, these same legitimate issues will sadly
    prevail …

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