1. Sadly, Justin has become an embarrassment. This photo should haunt him forever, but I fear he is proud of it.

    1. Yes, agree with @embarrassed for Falls Church. Not sure why anyone would associate with Nick Benton.

  2. Sad that a smear is all you can say the day before an election. Any politically experience person who remind you to focus on a positive message and leave a positive message in voters’ mind. Unfortunately all you can spew is hatred.

    1. Hi @dork. Thanks for your comment. What is smear about the article? I think the positive message is that there are people that won’t stand for the status quo. New candidates that will not rubber stamp budgets, demand transparency instead of creating more loop holes to hide information and make our schools better.

      This is not hatred. This is concern and care for our city and our children. If you think this is hatred, please elaborate as to why.

    2. Dork, are you such a “politically experience person”? Did you attend the Academy of Political Training where they “remind you to focus on a positive message and leave a positive message in voters’ mind? Is that what you are doing? leaving a positive message in our minds? or are all you are doing is spewing hatred?

  3. Just need to vent, so I can move on. I hope no one minds. If they do, FCAdmin, please delete this post.

    To the Citizens of the City of Falls Church who are registered, and physically capable, voters yet failed to vote on November 3:
    Shame on you. Please do not complain about any decisions the City Council makes, whether it has to do with school funding, the height/size/location of any new developments, or your taxes. And, do not criticize decisions or actions taken by the School Board. You gave up that right when you failed to cast your vote. Perhaps you will find a way to take the 10 minutes or so out of your busy day the next time elections are held.

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