1. I suspect that the 7th grade Math SOL scores are a result of the 7th grade math debacle last year. If you are not aware, the children taking 7th grade math (i.e. not honors) had 3 teachers with subs in between. It was a real mess. It appeared to me to be a classic example of how FCCPS caters to the gifted and the special needs, but not to the average student. The best teachers were given to the smartest kids – not a good plan in my view.

  2. Nancy,

    Yes, I heard of that 7th grade math debacle via other parents. Your comment highlights the poor School Board oversight/management of School Super Toni Jones. As you noted, the schools are good at IB/honors … but weak for the vast middle. All kids can do very well with the resources available in FCC … but the School Board fails the kids.

    Mark Kaye

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